What will happen next with Trump indictment

By WikiExplain on 2023-03-31 · 1 mins read

We are all asking what's next with former president Donald Trump.

The possibility of Trump being indicted has been much discussed in the media lately. Some people believe the Trump indictment has a valid criminal background, while others believe it is a politically motivated move. This article will explore what's next for the former president after a Manhattan grand jury has officially indicted Trump.

The Process of Indictment: They are formally charged with a crime when indicted. A grand jury can issue an indictment, a panel of citizens that meets secretly to hear evidence in criminal cases. The grand jury decides whether there is enough evidence to support a criminal charge and, if so, issues an indictment.

An indictment is a formal accusation that a person has committed a crime. It is not a finding of guilt, and the indicted person is not necessarily convicted of the crime.

An indictment usually contains the following information:

-The name of the person who is accused

-The crime that they are accused of

-The date of the crime

-The location of the crime

-The name of the person who is accusing them

What next?

Trump can turn himself into authorities for the standard procedure within the next few weeks. The details would be released to the public once there is a set date if he goes this route.

However, Trump and his legal team could deal with a few final cards. For example, they could look into steps to delay any legal or civil proceedings against him, avoiding surrendering to the Manhattan Criminal Court.

Suppose the former president does not turn himself in; in that case, Federal, State, and Constitutional Laws could make him a criminal in New York, the Manhattan prosecutors. The prosecutors will launch extradition from Florida to New York. However, it would be up to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to approve Trump's extradition to New York.

Ultimately the next few days decide the outcome of this case.