Push Git Changes to Gitlab

By WikiExplain on 2023-03-22 · 1 mins read

If you are using the terminal to push your most recent git changes to gitlab and run into this error: HTTP Basic: Access denied, follow these steps:

I. Set global username(optional):

  • Download or close your repo [git clone https://gitlab.../yourproject.git]
  • Set your repo origin if neccesary $ git remote set-url origin https://git-repo/your-gitlab.git
  • From the terminal or command line, run this command: git config --global user.name "https://[YOUR-USERNAME]@gitlab.com/neybapps/[YOUR-GITLAB-REPO].git"

II. Create a personal access token:

  • Navigate to GitLab
  • Type your credentials
  • On the top right corner, click on your profile icon
  • Select Edit Profile
  • On the left hand side navigation, select Access Tokens
  • Under Token name type whatever you want to name the token
  • Scroll down and Select scopes
  • Under Select scopes, select read_repository, write_repository, and any other desired scope
  • Scroll down below Access Tokens section and click on Create personal access token
  • Copy the link and save it in a safe place
  • Make sure you remember where you place it

III. Push changes

  • Return to your code terminal in your local machine

  • Follow the steps to push your changes to gitlab:

1. git checkout -b [YOUR-BRANCH] origin/[YOUR-REMOTE-BRANCH]

2. git add [YOURFILES]

3. git commit -m "name your changes

4. git push origin [YOUR-BRANCH]

  • If you are using VSCode, you will receive a prompt message to enter the previous personal access token. Note: You might need to enter your username again
  • Enter your access token and hit enter [DONE]